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Individual Tuition & Group Workshops in English Literature on the Cote d'Azur


In our local area, there are any number of talented individuals teaching English as a language, in a variety of settings and methods.

The study of English literature, however, requires different skills, on the part of both student and teacher.

A literary work is a web of complex parts, with style, symbolism, imagery, characterisation, all moving as a whole to convey  meaning through language.

Therefore, the student’s journey involves more than grammar and reading comprehension, particularly when exams are involved. The student must learn to think critically about what they read, develop personal opinions, and communicate those ideas effectively, both in writing and oral argument.

In my work with students of any age, I encourage the growth of these skills through personalised tuition, with an emphasis on close reading and informed self-expression.

Above all, I seek to share my deep love and abiding enjoyment of English literature, in all its facets.

Anne Ryan Hanafin

Group Workshops

These informal sessions are ideal for sixth form and lycée students preparing for GCSEs and A-Levels, the OIB or similar college entrance exams, or for any student needing a little extra help.

Increase comprehension, develop critical thinking, improve writing skills, and participate in peer-driven group discussions, all in a relaxed atmosphere.

Individual Courses

I also offer private, individually tailored tutorials for English literature students of all ages.

If you’re a student preparing for exams, I can teach you close reading techniques, and get you writing.

Or perhaps you’re a non-native English speaker wishing to read a classic work of literature. From Shakespeare and Dickinson, to Heaney and Morrison, I can help deepen your understanding.



White Crow is proud to have the English Book Centre in Valbonne as its host for workshops and individual tuition sessions.

In addition to the Cote d’Azur’s best selection of new and second-hand books, the shop offers a variety of activities year-round, such as book clubs and English conversation classes for all ages.

And as the point of contact for many of the international schools in the area, proprietor Lin Wolff is ideally placed to help you find the exact edition you need for your reading list.

Please visit the shop’s web site for more information.

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